Dr. Tanesha Osborne

Senior Lecturer
Organic Chemistry

Office: Chemistry & Nursing Bldg. Rm. 3212
Phone: (912) 478-0637



  • B.S. Georgia Southern University (2003)
  • Ph.D. University of South Carolina (2008)

Dr. Tanesha Osborne earned her B.S. in Chemistry from Georgia Southern University in 2003. She then went on to complete her graduate studies at the University of South Carolina under the direction of Dr. Paul Thompson. After completing her dissertation titled “Kinetic Characterization of Protein Arginine Methyltransferase 1 Aids the Development of PRMT-Selective Bisubstrate Inhibitors,” she received her Ph.D. in 2008. Dr. Osborne then came back to Georgia Southern University where she began as a Temporary Instructor of Chemistry, but later became a Lecturer of Chemistry.

Courses Taught

  • CHEM 1140 Introduction to General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry
  • CHEM 1145 Principles of Chemistry I
  • CHEM 1146 Principles of Chemistry II
  • CHEM 1151 Survey of Chemistry I
  • CHEM 3341 Organic Chemistry I

Selected Publications

  • Osborne, T. C.; Obianyo, O.; Causey, C. P.; and Thompson, P. R. “Chloroacetamidine Based Inhibitors and Activity Based Probes for the Protein Arginine Methyltransferases.” U.S. Patent application, Serial No. 12 / 637,223.
  • Osborne, T., Weller-Roska, R.L., Rajski, S.R. and Thompson, P.R. (2008) “In Situ Generation of a Bisubstrate Analog for Protein Arginine Methyltransferase 1.” Journal of the American Chemical Society 2008, 130, 4574-4575. (Highlighted in Faculty of 1000 -Biology).
  • Osborne, T.C., Obianyo, O., Zhang, X., Cheng, X. and Thompson, P.R. “Protein Arginine Methyltransferase 1: Positively Charged Residues in Substrate Peptides Distal to the Site of Methylation Are Important for Substrate Binding and Catalysis.” Biochemistry2007, 46, 13370-13381.

Awards & Recognitions

  • 2010 Outstanding Advocate for First-Year Students Nominee (Georgia Southern University)
  • National Science Foundation GK-12 Fellowship (USC)
  • University of South Carolina Sloan Fellowship
  • University of South Carolina Peyton C. Teague Fellowship
  • University of South Carolina Copenhaver Scholar

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