Spring 2017 Seminars

All Thursday seminars will be at 2:00 pm in the Chemistry/Nursing building Room 1006

Date Presentation Title Speaker Institution
1/26/2017 Spectroscopy of NiCCH and OsSi, and the Bond Energies of VC, VS, and VN Eric Johnson Georgia Southern University
2/2/2017 Improved Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles using Greener Methods and Materials Stephanie C-May MS-APS Thesis Student
2/9/2017 The Rational Design of Catalysts for Green Chemistry Elon Ison North Carolina State University
2/16/2017 Redefining Melanin starting with Eumelanin-inspired materials Toby Nelson Oklahoma State University
2/23/2017 Ionic Interactions that Stabilize and Inhibit Structural Folding of Peptides and Proteins Aimee Lorts MS-APS Thesis Student
3/2/2017 Optical Effects of Eye Diseases and Disorders Walter Jackson MS-APS PSM Student
3/9/2017 Approaches Toward Novel 1,2,3-Triazole Sensors for the Detection of Anions and Heavy Metal Cations Richard Govan MS-APS Thesis Student
3/16/2017 Spring Break
3/23/2017 Seminar postponed Debanjana Ghosh Georgia Southern University
3/30/2017 Functionalization of Well-Defined Poly-acrylates with PEG and TEMPO Moieties for the modification of Hemoglobin Based-Oxygen Carriers Omniya Omainy MS-APS Thesis Student
4/6/2017 Seminar postponed to 4/27/2017
4/13/2017 Applying Coordination Chemistry Principles in the Quest for Hybrid Molecule-Based Materials Christos Lampropoulos University of North Florida
4/20/2017 ⍺-Eleostearic Acid Extraction by Saponification of Tung Oil and Its Subsequent Polymerization Amanda Murawski MS-APS Thesis Student
4/27/2017 Biological Activity Implications of Ring Expansion/Contraction of the Anti-Cancer Agent TU-100 John Paul Alao MS-APS Thesis Student
TBD Asymmetric Membranes: a General Solution for Stablizing High Capacity Electrodes in Lithium Ion Battery Ji Wu Georgia Southern University

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