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José A. Jiménez

Assistant Professor,
Materials/Physical Chemistry

Office: Chemistry & Nursing Bldg. Rm. 3216A
Full Vita: ORCID, Google Scholar


  • B. S., Chemistry, Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, PR (1998)
  • Ph.D., Materials/Physical Chemistry, University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez, PR (2009)
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, Physics, New College of Florida, FL (2010-2011)

Research Interests

Materials chemistry and physics; glasses and thin films; nanomaterials; optical materials; plasmonics; luminescence; optical spectroscopy of solids.

Representative Publications

  • J.A. Jiménez, “Unraveling the role of Au clusters vs. plasmonic particles on the defects-induced Mn2+ luminescence promoted by Si in phosphate glass”, Mater. Res. Bull. 148(2022) 111695.
  • J.A. Jiménez, C.L. Crawford, R.J. Lascola, “Physico-chemical properties of international simple glass (ISG) nuclear waste simulants: Luminescence baseline study”, J. Amer. Ceram. Soc. 105(2022) 4009.
  • J.A. Jiménez, D. Hansen, “Insights into the composition-structure-property relationship in P2O5-CaO-Na2O-CuO bio-relevant glasses”, Chem. Phys. Impact 3 (2021) 100029.
  • J.A. Jiménez, H. Rutland, “Pd2+-induced quenching of the UV emission from Gd3+ ions in phosphate glass”, Spectrochim. Acta A 249 (2021) 119357.
  • J.A. Jiménez, “Spectroscopic and dilatometric analysis of low-melting bismuth borate glasses in the Bi2O3–BaO–Li2O–B2O3 quaternary”, Mater. Chem. Phys. 255 (2020) 123635.
  • J.A. Jiménez, B. Darley, “Optical spectroscopy and excited-state dynamics of Eu3+-doped bismuth borate glasses containing CuO”, ChemPhysChem 21 (2020) 1688.
  • J.A. Jiménez, “Thermal effects on the surface plasmon resonance of Cu nanoparticles in phosphate glass: Impact on Cu+ luminescence”, Nanoscale Adv. 1 (2019) 1826.
  • J.A. Jiménez, E.R. Fachini, C. Zhao, “XPS and 31P NMR inquiry of Eu3+-induced structural modification in SnO-containing phosphate glass”, J. Mol. Struct. 1164 (2018) 470.
  • J.A. Jiménez, “Silicon-induced UV transparency in phosphate glasses and its application to the enhancement of the UV type B emission of Gd3+”, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 9 (2017) 15599.

Last updated: 9/21/2022