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Dr. Ria Ramoutar

Senior Lecturer

Office: Chemistry & Nursing Bldg. Rm. 2212
Phone: (912) 478-5055

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  • B.S. Claflin University, Orangeburg, SC (2003)
  • Ph.D. Clemson University, Clemson, SC (20o9)

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to General, Organic and Biochemistry (CHEM 1140)
  • Principles of Chemistry I (CHEM 1141, CHEM 1211)
  • Principles of Chemistry II (CHEM 1146, CHEM 1212)
  • Survey of Chemistry I (CHEM 1151, CHEM 1151-online)
  • Survey of Chemistry II (CHEM 1152)
  • Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Labs (CHEM 3240)
  • Principles of Biochemistry I Lab (CHEM 5541)
  • Analytical Chemistry Labs (CHEM 2242)
  • Organic Chemistry I labs (CHEM 3401)
  • First Year Experience (FYE 1220)

Selected Publications

  • Pierre, T. H.; Ramoutar, R. R.; Gato, W. E. “A Review of the Relationship between Type 1 Diabetes and Renal Injury”. Manuscript in prep.
  • Zimmerman, M. T.; Bayse, C. A.; Ramoutar, R. R.; Brumaghim, J. L. “Sulfur and Selenium Antioxidants: Challenging Radical Scavenging Mechanisms and Developing Structure-Activity Relationships Based on Metal Binding,” J. Inorg. Biochem. 2015145, 30-40
  • Barreto, J., Reilly, J., Frost, L, Brown, D., Coticone, S., Dubetz, T., Beharry, Z., Davis-McGibony, M., Ramoutar, R., Rudd, G, Gurnack, M.E. “A case study, for teaching quantitative biochemical buffer problems using ‘Khan Style’ videos: ‘Inverting the classroom’ with video lectures assigned as homework, followed by group problem solving during class”, J. Coll. Sci. Teach., 2014, 44, 48.
  • Battin, E. E.; Zimmerman, Z. T.; Ramoutar, R. R.; Quarles, C. E.; Brumaghim, J. L. “Preventing Metal-Mediated Oxidative DNA Damage by Selenium Compounds,” Metallomics, 2011, 3, 503-512.
  • Grimland, J. L.; Wu, C.;  Ramoutar, R. R.; Brumaghim, J. L.;  McNeill, J. “Photosensitizer-doped conjugated polymer nanoparticles with high cross-sections for one- and two-photon excitation,” Nanoscale, 2011, 3, 1451-1455.
  • Ramoutar, R. R.; Brumaghim, J. L. “A Review of the Antioxidant and Anticancer Properties and Mechanisms of Inorganic Selenium, Oxo-Sulfur, and Oxo-Selenium Compounds,” Cell Biocheml. Biophys. 2010, 58, 1-23.
  • Ramoutar, R. R.; Brumaghim, J. L. “Effect of Inorganic Selenium Compounds on Oxidative DNA Damage,” J. Inorganic Chem. 2007, 101, 1028-1035.
  • Ramoutar, R. R.; Brumaghim, J. L. “Investigating the Antioxidant Properties of Oxo-Sulfur Compounds on Metal-Mediated DNA Damage,” Main Group Chem. 2007, 6, 143-153.

Last updated: 8/17/2019