Chemistry students shine Georgia Southern’s name abroad.

This summer, Drs. Rafael Quirino (Chemistry) and Matt Flynn (Sociology) were awarded the “100,000 Strong in the Americas Innovation Fund” from the MetLife Foundation to jump-start an exchange program between Georgia Southern University (GSU) and the University of Brasilia (UnB) in Brazil. As part of the initiative, 8 GSU students, including 3 Chemistry majors (2 graduate, 1 undergraduate) visited UnB while the Chemistry Department at GSU received 4 Brazilian students (2 graduate, 2 undergraduate) for two weeks. The exchange students at both Universities visited companies and research labs involved in sustainable technology. The students prepared research samples in Brazil and analyzed them at GSU. While in Brazil, the group of GSU students appeared on the local news <link to article> while visiting a computer Recycling plant. The recycling plant is managed by a NGO (Programando o Futuro) and finances its operation by selling recycled plastic to Hewlett-Packard. 

For Drs. Quirino and Flynn, the events this Summer represented an opportunity to bring GSU’s name abroad and consolidate important collaborations to enhance the impact of research projects developed on our campus. The internationalization of our research brings another dimension to our every-day efforts. 

Visit to BioAqua (Brazil). BioAqua produces bio-based polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) from fish. Standing at the back (left to right): Robson (technician), Shawn (GSU undergrad student – International studies), Gabby (GSU undergrad student – International studies), Khristal (GSU grad student – Chemistry), and Dr, Flynn (GSU faculty – Sociology). Mid section (left to right): Nicolas  (GSU undergrad student – film), Jansen  (GSU undergrad student – economics), Hannah  (GSU undergrad student – Chemistry), and Shane (GSU grad student – Chemistry). On the front: left – Zakhia (GSU undergrad student – sociology), right – Dr. Quirino (GSU faculty – Chemistry).
Brazilian Chemistry students in Dr. Quirino’s lab. From left to right: Rodolfo (grad), Fernanda (undergrad), Tayane (undergrad), and Marcos (grad).
CEMITURE poster presentation. From left to right: Dr. White (GSU faculty – Chemistry), Dr. Quirino (GSU faculty – Chemistry), Kody Burrows (CEMITURE student).
 Brazilian Chemistry students visiting GSU (Sweetheart Circle). From left to right: Rodolfo (grad), Tayane (undergrad), Fernanda (undergrad), and Marcos (grad).
Lookout stop at Pirenopolis (Brazil). Standing at the back (left to right): Khristal (GSU grad student – Chemistry) and Shane (GSU grad student – Chemistry). Mid section (left to right): Shawn (GSU undergrad student – International studies), Jansen  (GSU undergrad student – economics), Gabby (GSU undergrad student – International studies), and Dr. Flynn (GSU faculty – Sociology). On the front (left to right): Zakhia (GSU undergrad student – sociology), Noah (Dr. Quirino’s son – 4 years old), Nathan (Dr. Quirino’s son – 7 years old), Dr. Quirino (GSU faculty – Chemistry), Gabriela (Dr. Quirino’s daughter – 9 years old), Hannah  (GSU undergrad student – Chemistry), and Nicolas  (GSU undergrad student – film).

Photo Credits: Dr. Rafael Quirino.

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