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Kristi St. Clair Receives Highest Honors

Every year, Georgia Southern University hosts the Honors Day Convocation, which recognizes the achievements of students’ work throughout the year, new members of honors societies, and graduating seniors. Kristi St. Clair (chemistry ‘18) was one of the many graduating seniors this year, but in one particular way she stood out. President Dr. Jaimie Hebert awarded St. Clair the highest honor at the convocation, the University System of Georgia Academic Recognition Award.

This award recognizes the student that exemplifies the most outstanding academic achievement as well as their dedication to the campus community. “I was very happy when I walked on the stage to receive my award. I was so proud that my hard work has been recognized.”

Her time with the University Honors Program has given her countless opportunities. However, her favorite memory with the program was when she gave back to the local community. During her freshman year, she was in Dr. Francis Desiderio’s Honors section of the First Year Experience course (FYE), Meaning of Place. In the University Honors Program, students are required to complete experiential learning and in their first year, they complete the requirement with their FYE class.

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