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Tiehang Wu

Tiehang Wu, PhDTiehang Wu
PhD, Pennsylvania State University

Office: Natural Sciences 2108 (Statesboro)

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Biology of Microorganisms, Microbiology, Mycology, Principles of Biology I Lecture and Lab

Research Interests
Research in my lab focuses on molecular approaches to understand diversity and communities of soil fungi, bacteria, micro- and mesofauna under different land management practices and at a global scale. These include the relationships of these organisms to plant health, sustainable plant production, environmental qualities, and their global ecosystem functions. In addition, I collaborate with other faculty members on molecular approaches to understand microbial diversity of aquatic ecosystems. The goal of my research is to apply the theory of microbial ecology and molecular microbiology to understand microbial community interactions and mechanisms of microorganisms in nutrient cycling. The outputs of the research will provide fundamental knowledge in maintaining healthy soils, sustaining plant productivity, and enhancing water and air quality.

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