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Scott Mateer

Scott C Mateer
PhD, Cellular Regulation, Division of Biomedical Sciences, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Office: SC 1020 (Armstrong)
Phone: (912) 344-3101

Principles of Biology I, Principles of Biology I (Honors), Cell Biology, Cancer Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory, Research, Internship

Research Interests
Past research focused on Biocatalysis or the use of microbes and their enzymes to generate chiral specific organic compounds that can be used as the building blocks for pharmaceuticals such as Prozac™. Specifically we were interested in the molecular mechanisms that regulate an enzyme’s stereoselectivity via mutagenesis of specific yeast reductases and subsequent analysis of the mutant reductase’s ability to make chiral molecules.

A new area of research focuses on the use of Antlions as a traditional medicine. We are just starting to investigate the microbiota of local antlion populations in an attempt to identify bacterial symbionts that may be the source of possible pharmaceutical agents in this crude medicine.

I am also interested how research experiences in the academic classroom
impact student learning and project ownership.

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Last updated: 8/23/2022