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Lorenza Beati

Lorenza Beati, PhD, MDLorenza Beati
Curator of the U.S. National Tick Collection, Professor
PhD, Université Aix-Marseille II (France)
MD, Université de Lausanne (Switzerland)

Office: Institute for Coastal Plain Science, Math/Physics 3058B
Phone: (912) 478-5564

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Systematic Biology, Arthropod diversity and ecology of the Swiss Alps

Research Interests
In my laboratory research is centered on molecular systematics and population genetics of arthropods vectors of diseases (ticks and sand flies) and of the pathogen they transmit.

Project involving students include studies on population genetics of (1) the Lyme disease vector, I. scapularis, in the United States and (2) on a widespread neotropical tick species, A. cajennense, which transmits Rocky Mountain spotted fever,  (3) on neotropical Lutzomyia species, vectors of Leishmaniasis, and (4) on A. variegatum an invading tick species carried from Africa in the Caribbean.


Last updated: 2/15/2019