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Lissa M. Leege

leege225x150Lissa M. Leege
PhD, Michigan State University

Office: Bio Sci  2264
Phone: (912) 478-0800

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Environmental Biology, Principles of Biology II, Biology of Plants, Issues in Sustainability

Research Interests
My research focuses on plant conservation ecology with regards to plant population and community ecology and threats to biodiversity. In particular, I am interested in the ecology of rare and invasive plants and how they interact to influence each other’s population dynamics. My students and I use field and greenhouse experiments and observations to answer questions about the role of herbivores, fire, invaders, and other disturbances in regulating plant population and community dynamics. In recent years my research has included work on three endangered species in Georgia, Trillium reliquum, Trillium persistens and Baptisia arachnifera. My research is based primarily in the southeastern U.S. and in Michigan.


Last updated: 2/5/2015