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Laura B. Regassa

Laura B. Regassa
PhD, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Office: Herty 2109E
Phone: (912) 478-7524

Personal Web Page

Molecular Biology Techniques, Molecular Biology Initiative Program courses, Principles of Biology I Lab

Research Interests
Molecular systematics & pathogenesis: We are examining global biodiversity and biogeography of spiroplasma bacteria.  Spiroplasmas are ubiquitous organisms that are often found in association with insects or plants, where they can cause disease.  Recent biodiversity work has focused on samples from North and South America as well as Australia, and we are currently beginning collections in Africa.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: My Biology education research focuses on undergraduate and graduate student learning in molecular biology.  For example, the NSF-funded Molecular Biology Initiative Program is enhancing molecular biology graduate education via long-term support and enrichment opportunities for program fellows.

Last updated: 10/13/2017