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Jay Hodgson

Jay Hodgson, PhDJay Hodgson
PhD, The University of Alabama

Office: SC 1004 (Armstrong)
Phone: (912) 344-3043

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Principles of Biology II Laboratory, Principles of Microbiology, Microorganisms and Disease Laboratory, Evolution and Ecology, Teaching Internship in Biology, Biology of Microorganisms Laboratory, Evolution, Limnology, Stream Ecology

Research Interests
My main research interests broadly focus on aquatic ecology through the lens of long-term data. My recent projects have analyzed foraging patterns by largemouth bass over three decades in addition to reconstructing aquatic ecosystem development over millennia using sediment cores. The goals of my research are to potentially elucidate trends that may be unexpected or otherwise unnoticeable using short-term data and to quantify ecological responses to drivers of ecosystem change. I am also interested in the pedagogy of teaching evolution.

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Last updated: 9/12/2022