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Heather Joesting

Heather Joesting, PhDHeather Joesting
Associate Professor
PhD, Biology – Wake Forest University

Office: SC 1007 (Armstrong)
Phone: (912) 344-2998

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Principles of Biology II, Barrier Island Ecology, Research, Special Topics: Plant Physiological Ecology

Research Interests
Dr. Joesting researches the morphological and physiological adaptations to abiotic stress (such as high incident sunlight, salt spray, and sand burial) for coastal sand dune plant species. Dr. Joesting is currently working with several undergraduate researchers on the autecology of the clonal sand dune herb Hydrocotyle bonariensis. Specifically, research is focused on determining the role of vertical leaf inclination in maintaining daily leaf carbon gain, examining phenotypic variation within individuals located in different habitats, and investigating the viability of field-produced seeds and the contribution of sexual reproduction to the population structure of this plant species.

Last updated: 8/2/2019