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C. Ray Chandler

C. Ray Chandler, PhDC. Ray Chandler
PhD, Bowling Green State University
MS, Old Dominion University

Office: Bio Sci  2242
Phone: (912) 478-5657


Evolution & Ecology, Ornithology, Wildlife Management, Conservation Biology, Biometry, Experimental Design, Multivariate Statistics

Research Interests
Research in my lab focuses on the ecology, behavior, and conservation of birds and other terrestrial vertebrates.  Major themes in my projects and those of my students include the effects of forest management on habitat selection (e.g., use of managed pine savannas by grassland birds, impacts of selective logging on bottomland bird communities), morphological and behavioral strategies associated with migration (e.g., evolution of wing shape in migrant birds, stopover ecology of migrants), impacts of hormones on behavior (e.g., effects of testosterone on alternative reproductive strategies in male birds), and conservation of rare species (e.g., management of Red-cockaded Woodpeckers).


Last updated: 7/12/2016