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Dmitry Apanaskevich (Statesboro) (PhD, Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, 2004)
Systematics of ticks

Craig Aumack (Statesboro) (PhD, University of Alabama at Birmingham, 2010)
Phycology; chemical ecology; sea ice; polar communities

Lorenza Beati (Statesboro) (PhD, Université de Lausanne, 1987)
Systematics and molecular evolution of arthropods involved in disease transmission

Christine Bedore (Statesboro) (PhD, Florida Atlantic University, 2013)
Sensory ecology; elasmobranchs; cephalopods; vision; electroreception

Brigette Brinton (Armstrong) (MS, Marine Sciences – Savannah State University, 2014)
Marine biology; animal behavior; parasitology; sustainability

Michael Britton (Armstrong)

Jennifer Brofft-Bailey (Armstrong) (PhD, Microbiology – University of Georgia, 2002)
Microbes that pose risk to loggerhead sea turtle embryos; N2-fixing microbial communities associated with dune plants; ammonia-oxidizing and bacterial communities associated with fire ant mounds; blue crab-parasite interactions

Lisa Brown (Statesboro) (PhD, Louisiana State University, 2016)
Insect immunology; medical entomology; vector biology

Sherri Cannon (Armstrong) (MS, Biology – Georgia Southern University, 2010)
Med-vet entomology; microbiology

G. Denise Carroll (Statesboro) (PhD, University of Georgia, 2009)
Impacts of land use on aquatic ecosystems; science education

John Carroll (Statesboro) (PhD, Stony Brook University, 2012)
Benthic ecology; shellfish restoration and restoration ecology; trophic interactions; invasive species

Michelle Cawthorn (Statesboro) (PhD, Bowling Green State University, 1989)
Biology education; population and community ecology of small mammals

C. Ray Chandler (Statesboro) (PhD, Bowling Green State University, 1989)
Ecology; behavior; conservation of birds and other terrestrial vertebrates

Wasimul Chowdhury (Statesboro) (PhD, Osaka University, 1996)
Biosynthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) biodegradable polymers

Risa Cohen (Statesboro) (PhD, University of California, 2003)
Wetland and coastal ecology; restoration and conservation of aquatic communities

Alex Collier (Armstrong) (PhD, Kent State University, 2001)
Influence of predation stress on larval development; developmental plasticity of amphibians

J. Checo Colon-Gaud (Statesboro) (PhD, Southern Illinois University, 2008)
Freshwater ecology; particularly food web dynamics

Kathryn Craven (Armstrong) (PhD, Texas A & M University, 2001)
Sea turtle biology; vertebrate reproductive physiology; diamondback terrapins; marine biology; conservation of endangered/protected species

Christopher Cutler (Statesboro) (PhD, University of St. Andrews, 1990)
Molecular physiology; ion; water transport; osmoregulation in fish

Michele Cutwa (Armstrong) (MS, Marine Biology – Florida Institute of Technology, 1997)                                  Mosquito taxonomy and ecology; fish feeding ecomorphology; freeze-tolerance in herptiles

Sue Ellen DeChenne-Peters (Armstrong) (PhD, Science Education – Oregon State University, 2010)
Course-Based undergraduate research experiences; teaching in biology classrooms; development of science process skills

Geneva DeMars (Armstrong) (PhD, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology – University of Georgia, 2010)
Human reproductive endocrinology; GPCR’s and G proteins; membrane biology

Andrew Diamanduros (Statesboro) (MPH, Columbia University, 1991)

Lance Durden (Statesboro) (PhD, University of London, 1981)
Systematics and ecology of ectoparasites of vertebrates; vector-borne diseases

Austin Francis (Armstrong) (PhD, Biology – Florida Institute of Technology, 2002)
Functional and ecological morphology of fishes; vertebrate form and function; flatfish biology

Sophie George (Statesboro) (PhD, University of Paris, 1990)
Marine invertebrate ecology; ecology of echinoderms

Joshua Gibson (Statesboro) (PhD, Arizona State University, 2013)
Evolutionary genomics of insects; energy metabolism in hybrids; speciation genetics

Daniel Gleason (Statesboro) (PhD, University of Houston, 1992)
Marine invertebrate ecology and physiology; coral reef ecology

Stephen Greiman (Statesboro) (PhD, University of North Dakota, 2015)
Parasitology; parasitic flatworm taxonomy and systematics; bacterial symbiont diversity; evolution and transmission biology; microbiomes

Sara Gremillion (Armstrong) (PhD, Plant Pathology – University of Georgia , 2007)
Cellular components required for normal growth and development of the filamentous fungus Aspergillus nidulans; mycology

Michele Guidone (Armstrong) (PhD, Biological Science – University of Rhode Island, 2012)
Marine and freshwater ecology; phycology; eutrophication; invasive species

J. Scott Harrison (Statesboro) (PhD, Texas A&M University, 2001)
Ecological and evolutionary genetics of marine invertebrates; speciation and the genetic basis of reduced fitness in hybrids

Alan Harvey (Statesboro) (PhD, University of Arizona, 1988)
Evolution; ecology; behavior of diverse systems such as plant-arthropod protective mutualisms; larval tiger beetles; hermit crabs

Jay Hodgson (Armstrong) (PhD, The University of Alabama, 2009)
Diatoms as ecological indicators; climate change; diatom paleolimnology; foraging ecology; niche ecology; environmental analogs

Starr Holland (Both Armstrong & Liberty) (PhD, Neurobiology – University of Rochester, 1991)
Neurotransplantation; brain; migraines

Elizabeth Hunter (Statesboro) (PhD, University of Georgia, 2016)
Landscape ecology, conservation biology of birds and reptiles, population dynamics, ecological modeling

William Irby (Statesboro) (PhD, North Carolina State University, 1987)
Arthropod vector-host-pathogen interactions; blood digestion in mosquitos

Dongyu Jia (Statesboro) (PhD, Florida State University, 2015)
Developmental biology; cellular and molecular biology; cancer biology; signaling pathway; fruit fly; disease models

Heather Joesting (Armstrong) (PhD, Biology – Wake Forest University, 2011)
Leaf morphological and physiological adaptations of coastal plants to the abiotic environment; physiological plant ecology; response and recovery of barrier island plants after extreme storm events; creation of artificial sand dunes using native plant assemblages; sustainable food production through aquaponics

Brett Larson (Armstrong) (PhD, Comparative Physiology – University of Oregon, 1983)
Fish caudal neurosecretory system; comparative endocrinology; neuroendocrinology; immunochemistry; physiology; protein purification and assay

Lissa Leege (Statesboro) (PhD, Michigan State University, 1997)
Plant population and community ecology; rare plant and invasion ecology; plant-herbivore interactions

Johanne Lewis (Statesboro) (PhD, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 2008)
Comparative physiology; physiological adaptations to extreme or fluctuating environments

Marylou Machingura (Armstrong) (PhD, Plant Biology – Southern Illinois University, 2012)
CO2 concentrating mechanism in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii; drought tolerance in crop plants; cyanide assimilation in plants and plant food safety

Robert Mans (Armstrong) (PhD, Neurobiology – University of Alabama at Birmingham, 2011)
Molecular mechanisms of learning and memory; effects of diet and sleep deprivation on mechanisms of neurodegeneration and cognition; synaptic physiology; neurodegenerative disease; science education

Scott C Mateer (Armstrong) (PhD, Division of Biomedical Sciences, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, 1998)
Regulation of actin polymerization and cell motility by the cellular protein, IQGAP 1; regulation of the activity of Protein Phosphatase 2A by the viral protein, SV40 Small T Antigen

A. Loren Mathews (Statesboro) (PhD, University of Florida, 2013)
Aquatic ecology; water quality; phytoplankton community dynamics

Lance McBrayer (Statesboro) (PhD, Ohio University, 2002)
Functional morphology; behavioral ecology; evolution of amphibians and reptiles

Aakash Mehta (Both Armstrong & Liberty) (MS, Biology, Long Island University Post, 2013)
Ecology of invasive plants; invasive plant-microbe interactions

Edward Mondor (Statesboro) (PhD, Simon Fraser University, 2001)
Insect ecology; forensic entomology

Justin Montemarano (Armstrong) (PhD, Aquatic Ecology – Kent State University, 2013)
Ecology of streams and wetlands; tropical biology; abiotic and biotic controllers of decomposition dynamics in streams and wetland systems; crayfish effects in detrital processing in streams

Christina Ndaluka (Statesboro) (PhD, Colorado State University, 2011)
Zoonotic diseases

Traci Ness (Armstrong) (PhD, Molecular Genetics and Microbiology – University of Florida, 2001)
Innate immunology including cytokines and their receptors, toll-like receptors (TLRs) and other pattern recognition receptors, and macrophage phagocytosis and killing; bacterial and viral pathogenesis; mechanisms of immune evasion by pathogens; macrophage responses to pathogens

Laura Regassa (Statesboro) (PhD, University of Wisconsin, 1993)
Bacteriology and molecular biology; molecular mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis; molecular systematics; biology education research

Carl Reiber (Armstrong) (PhD, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, 1992)
Physiology; developmental biology

James Roberts (Statesboro) (PhD, Virginia Tech, 2012)
Freshwater fish ecology and conservation; vertebrate population dynamics; landscape genetics; fisheries science; conservation planning

Adam Rosso (Armstrong)

Elizabeth Sargent (Armstrong) (PhD, University of Southampton, National Oceanography Centre, 2014)
Biogeochemistry; phytoplankton ecophysiology; algal ecology

Aaron Schrey (Armstrong) (PhD, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 2007)
Population genetics; conservation genetics; molecular ecology; ecological epigenetics

Anthony Siccardi (Armstrong) (PhD, Texas A&M University, 2006)
Aquaculture of commercially important fish and shellfish species; aquaculture nutrition; algal turf scrubber systems; sustainable aquaculture/aquaponics systems

Vinoth Sittaramane (Statesboro) (PhD, University Missouri Columbia, 2008)
Developmental neurobiology; neuronal migration; unconventional myosins; environmental and developmental toxicology using zebrafish

Lace Svec (Statesboro) (PhD, Michigan State University, 2009)
Behavioral neurobiology; neuroendocrinology in zebra finches

Anna Tansik (Statesboro) (PhD, University of Georgia)

Stephen Vives (Statesboro) (PhD, University of Wisconsin, 1988)
Behavior; ecology; conservation of fishes

Tiehang Wu (Statesboro) (PhD, Pennsylvania State University, 2002)
Molecular microbial ecology; soil ecology; mycorrhizas

Jennifer Zettler (Armstrong) (PhD, Zoology – Clemson University, 2002)
Insect-plant interactions; ecological effects of invasive species (red imported fire ant)

Last updated: 4/21/2021