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Undergraduate Courses

The Department of Biology offers over 75 different courses at the undergraduate level. Our 1000-level courses are designed for non-Biology majors, 2000-level courses are introductory courses for Biology majors, 3000-level courses are broad surveys that better prepare students for the specialized content in our 5000-level courses.

Our course offerings can be found in the Georgia Southern catalog (see below). However, for your convenience you can download a pdf showing our current course list, including course descriptions, credit hours, and prerequisites. This list also includes information on when those courses are offered.

Biology majors must take at least one course from each of three emphasis areas, as well as at least one scientific process course. You can download a .pdf of the course designations for this requirement.

The Academic Catalog will direct you to degree requirements and course descriptions.

Tip:  after opening the current catalog, use the index at left and scroll down to the link to “College of Science and Mathematics.”

Note: Courses labeled 5000-G are cross listed graduate and undergraduate courses.  Courses above the 5000 level are graduate courses.

Information for BIOL 4890 Poster Session

Last updated: 10/8/2021