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Major in Biology

Format: In person on the Statesboro Campus or the Armstrong Campus in Savannah
Credit Hours: 124

Our student-centered program allows you to do the real work of research in the field.

Why Major in Biology?

With a degree in biology you can help make this a better planet. Whether it is restoring dunes to protect Georgia’s beaches, developing plans to prevent the spread of invasive species, protecting the calving grounds of the Right Whale, fighting human diseases, or protecting diamond-back terrapins, getting a degree in biology will help you help the world around you.

The Department of Biology at Georgia Southern University is the largest center for biology research and education in southern Georgia. You’ll learn relevant skills both in the classroom and via hands-on research with faculty mentors who consistently receive awards for their teaching, research and service.

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Or, you can:

Bachelor Degrees in Biology

Our Department of Biology offers two undergraduate degrees: a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Both programs offer a broad, foundational education in the biological sciences through research and lab training.

The goal of both programs is to prepare you for professional careers in the health sciences, biological sciences, and science education, or to obtain an advanced degree in science. In both programs, you’ll gain practical experience with up-to-date research and laboratory techniques, critical thinking, and independent learning in each of 3 sub-disciplines of biology (Cell and Molecular, Organismal, and Ecology and Evolution).

Bachelor of Science in Biology

The Bachelor of Science degree in Biology at Georgia Southern provides you with broad training in the biological sciences, offering a more science-focused education. With a variety of science electives, you can tailor your degree toward specializations in molecular biology, zoology, botany, ecology, evolution and conservation biology.

The B.S. in Biology is an ideal stepping-stone for a variety of career opportunities or graduate studies in the applied and biological sciences.

Bachelor of Arts in Biology

Georgia Southern’s Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology is for those who wish to explore interests beyond the biological sciences. The B.A. in Biology offers a more flexible study program that is augmented by interdisciplinary experiences acquired through minor and language requirements. Our students choose from a variety of exciting traditional and nontraditional minors. These range from Chemistry, Art, and Technical Writing to Music, Criminal Justice and more!

The B.A. in Biology can serve as a fulfilling focal point in a liberal arts education.

Choose from six concentrations:

Learn more about the program

You can access resources for transfer students and students just starting out at the COSM Advisement Center. Your advisor will help you customize your program and keep you on track for graduation.

What can you do with a biology degree?

The knowledge and skills you’ll gain through the biology degree coursework will prepare you for work in a variety of different fields, including careers in research, health sciences, biological sciences and science education. Jobs in biology include:

  • Marine Biologist, Coastal Ecologist
  • Biomedicine, Health Professional
  • Fish, Wildlife or Resource Conservation Professional
  • Molecular and Cell Biologist
  • Geneticist
  • Microbiologist
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Sustainability Coordinator
  • Agroecologist
  • Zoologist
  • Aquarium, Zoo or Museum Curator
  • Educator

Biology Minor

The Biology Minor is an excellent fit for those interested in gaining an education in the biological sciences, but ultimately pursue a different undergraduate degree major. The minor program requires 15 credit hours in biology courses, including physiology, evolution, cell and molecular biology.

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