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In addition to scholarship opportunities at the university and college level, the Department of Biology offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate scholarships. These scholarships support study in particular biological disciplines or longer-term research with a faculty mentor. Regardless of your career goals, there is probably a biology scholarship for you. For more information on scholarships, visit Award amounts are tentative depending on performance of the endowment in a given year.

New: Georgia Southern University Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program

To apply for the Bradley, Boole, Foulkes, Lovejoy, McKeever, Pike, or Spence scholarships log into MyGeorgiaSouthern and click the MyScholarships link. Applications are due on 31 January, and awards are announced in early April.

To apply for the Chandler Scholarship (Statesboro campus only) access the application here. The application is due in late October, and awards are announced by January. Consult with a faculty mentor prior to application.

A.C. Bradley and Wilfred Donaldson Bradley Scholarship
This scholarship was made possible by a generous endowment from the Bradley family. The Bradley Scholarship is awarded to undergraduate biology majors whose studies have an emphasis on agriculture or sustainability. Preference may be given to students from Bulloch County. The award is up to $1225.

Boole Scholarship
This scholarship was established through an endowment from Dr. John A. Boole, Professor Emeritus of Biology, to support outstanding students whose emphasis is in plant sciences. This scholarship awards $250-1500. Any biology major with demonstrated interest in the plant sciences is eligible. Preference will be given to upper-level or graduate students, but exceptional lower-level students will also be considered. There are typically multiple awards each year.

Chandler Scholarship (Statesboro campus only)
This scholarship is made possible through the generosity of the Chandler family through the Chandler Foundation. The Chandler Scholarship funds an intensive research experience for undergraduate students. Through this program, you will be paid to work with a faculty member for two semesters, conduct research, and report your research findings at a professional meeting. The scholarship offers an invaluable opportunity to learn biological research by working day-to-day with a faculty mentor. Students are paid a weekly stipend and provided with a budget for supplies and professional travel. Biology majors with at least 60 credit hours (30 or more from Georgia Southern) and a GPA of 2.75 are eligible. Students must make contact with a potential faculty mentor prior to application. The Chandler Scholarship is typically awarded to multiple students each year. You can access the Chandler Scholarship application here.

Foulkes Scholarship
The Foulkes Scholarship was endowed by Guy D. Foulkes, MD. It is available to full-time juniors or seniors majoring in biology. Candidates must have a minimum GPA of 3.5, and students from outside Georgia receive first preference. If all candidates are equal in meeting the criteria, financial need may be a consideration. The award is approximately $735.

Lovejoy Vertebrate Zoology Scholarship
The Lovejoy Scholarship was endowed by Emeritus Professor Bill Lovejoy. Dr. Lovejoy was a long-time vertebrate biologist in our department whose primary research focus was birds. This scholarship is available to rising junior, senior, or graduate students majoring in biology with an interest in vertebrate zoology. Multiple scholarships are awarded up to $1000.

McKeever Scholarship
The Dr. Sturgis McKeever scholarship fund was endowed by students and friends of this former member of the Department of Biology. Dr. McKeever was a broadly trained zoologist who worked on a variety of vertebrate and invertebrate species. He authored numerous articles and developed a worldwide reputation for his photography skills. His photographs have been featured in National Geographic, Audubon, Natural History, and other journals and magazines. Uppermost in his students’ thoughts, however, are memories of his emphasis on academic excellence and rigor. This scholarship (approximately $500) is offered to biology students with an interest in some field of zoology. Two scholarships are awarded each year, one to a graduate student and one to a full-time junior or senior (at least 60 credit hours).

Pike Scholarship
Family and friends endowed this scholarship in memory of Dr. John D. Pike, DMD, who had practices in Hinesville and Savannah. He was a faculty member in the Georgia Southern Department of Biology from 1970-73. Juniors, seniors, or graduate students with interests in pre-dentistry, botany, or marine biology are eligible. Pre-dentistry applicants (in any major) are given first preference. The award is up to $900.

Spence Scholarship
The Jim Spence Ornithology Scholarship was endowed by his family as a special remembrance and in honor of his love for birds and bird-watching. In 1979, Mr. Spence completed a 28-year career in the U.S. Navy as a Master Chief Petty Officer, the Navy’s highest enlisted ranking. Upon retirement to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, he entered into an interest in bird-watching with the same level of commitment and enthusiasm he had for his career in the Navy. He became an active member of the Mississippi Coast Audubon Society, participating in annual bird counts and other conservation efforts of the Society. In remembrance and appreciation of the great joy brought to Mr. Spence late in life by his love of birding, this scholarship is intended to foster and further the interests of students at Georgia Southern University who share that enthusiasm. This scholarship (approximately $450) is offered to biology students with an interest in birds. Two scholarships are awarded each year, one to a graduate student and one to a full-time undergraduate.

Last updated: 3/31/2023