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Georgia Southern Early Advisement

After you are accepted into Georgia Southern University and registered for SOAR, you will be contacted by the advisement center responsible for your major. You will be advised before you come to your SOAR session. When you are contacted by your advisement center, please respond quickly so that you will be prepared to register at SOAR.

Even though you will be advised early, you are required to attend SOAR.  When you come to campus for SOAR, you are expected to attend all sessions and registration. You will gain a lot of vital information at the sessions.  Also, representatives from many departments are available to help you with any challenges you may have during advisement and registration.  If you fail to attend these required functions, your registration may be jeopardized.

Transfer Course Equivalencies

Your transfer credits will be evaluated by your advisor to determine which courses will count toward your chosen degree program. NOTE: It is possible that not all of your transfer courses will count in your degree program. For more detailed information about specific classes that will transfer, please use the Office of the Registrar’s Transfer Course Equivalencies tool.

Petition for Academic Exception Form – In some cases, you will have taken a course that is not an equivalent to any course at Georgia Southern. You or your advisor may think it could apply to your major or to the general education core. You may request that your advisor prepare a Petition for Academic Exception Form that requests permission to count the course as an equivalent or substitute for a Georgia Southern course. It is very important that you obtain a copy of the course description from your transfer institution. You may also provide a syllabus from the course. This documentation assists your advisor in obtaining the permission needed.
NOTE: Exception requests are approved on a case-by-case basis by the Associate Dean of the individual college in which the PAE is being sent to.

Last updated: 1/13/2022