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Chairs and Directors

The Chairs and Directors serve as the academic leaders and representatives of their respective units. Their responsibilities include: advancing a culture of academic excellence and distinction in teaching, scholarship and service; providing leadership for curriculum development and implementation, and the assessment of student learning; promoting research initiatives and scholarly efforts; and providing visionary leadership for strategic initiatives that further the Department/School and College strategic plans. While all Chairs and Directors report directly to the Dean, the College exercises collaborative leadership through the COSM Council.

Name Phone (912) Dept/School Email
Steve Vives, Ph.D. 478-5416 Biology
Will Lynch, Ph.D. 344-3144 Chemistry and Biochemistry
Jacque Kelly, Ph.D., Interim 478-0667 Geology and Geography
Sabrina Hessinger, Ph.D., Interim 478-5132 Mathematical Sciences
LTC Brian Montgomery 478-5320 Military Science
Brent Feske, Ph.D., Director 344-3210 FORAM Sustainable Aquaponics Research Center  
Clayton Heller, Ph.D. 478-5292 Physics
Daniel Gleason, Ph.D. 478-5957 James H. Oliver, Jr., Institute for Coastal Plain Science
John Van Stan, Ph.D., Interim Director 598-2329 Applied Coastal Research Laboratory
Mitch Weiland, Director 344-2706 Medical Professions Programs
Hua Wang, Ph.D., Director 478-0366 College Office of Undergraduate Research
Amy Potter, Ph.D., Director 478-5361 College Office of Undergraduate Research (COUR)
Steve Hein, Executive Director 478-1998 Center for Wildlife Education
Carolyn Altman, Director 478-7816 Botanic Garden

Last updated: 12/16/2020