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  • Tickets are Free!
  • There are 60 tickets available for each show time
  • Max of 7 tickets can be reserved per show time
  • Tickets can only be reserved on Eventbrite. A link will be provided on our Facebook and website (reservations by Phone or Email will not be accepted)
  • Ticket holders must pick up tickets and be in line at least 5 minutes before the show starts or tickets will be forfeited
  • Due to fire code safety for indoor events, we ask that you do not bring strollers into the planetarium.

How to Reserve Tickets

  1. Click on the provided link (Facebook) or “Reserve Tickets Here” (Planetarium Website)
  2. When tickets are available click “Register”
  3. Select available show time and number of tickets
  4. Fill out Registration with your Name and Email
  5. You will receive an email from Eventbrite that you have reserved tickets

Tickets will be available in the Planetarium Lobby the day of the event. Reserved tickets can only be picked up 30 minutes before the reserved ticket’s time

Telescope Viewing:

  • Telescopes will be located on the Observation Deck which can be found on the roof of the Math/Physics Building. Signs to the Observation Deck are provided near the stair well by the Planetarium
  • Telescopes are operated by volunteering Physics Majors and Society of Physics Students Telescope Technicians
  • Telescope viewing is dependent on weather. If conditions are not favorable for viewing the sky the Observation Deck will be closed


Spring 2018 Public Evenings


Litchmond: Universe of Light

January 25 @ 6, 7, & 8 pm

January 26 @ 6, 7, & 8 pm

Tickets: Click Here

Middle School and Older

LICHTMOND is a poetic journey through magic sounds and landscapes of a visionary parallel universe, on a world you may call “Earth 2”, which is orbited by two suns. As Earth 2 is untouched by mankind we are immersed in a world full of hovering trees, strange species of flying fish, bubble-like volcanos, surreal sculptures and other impressive objects. This amazing musical audiovisual trip is wellness for the senses and features award winning music by LICHTMOND featuring Alan Parsons, I Muvrini and Boy George (as co-writer).


Life: A Cosmic Story

February 22 @ 6, 7, & 8 pm

February 23 @ 6, 7, & 8 pm

Tickets: Click Here

All Ages

Life: A Cosmic Story begins in a redwood forest, with the sounds of wind and life. One redwood looms large, until we approach its branches and enter one of its leaves, adjusting our perspective to microscopic scales inside a cell. We see a pared-down version of its inner workings, learning about the process of photosynthesis and the role of DNA. This scene sets the stage for the story of life.

We then leap backward billions of years to the origin of elements themselves. The early Universe contained mostly dark matter, which drew hydrogen and helium together to form the first stars. The carbon and heavier elements required by living organisms came from generations of stars.

Narrated by Jodie Foster. Produced by the California Academy of Sciences in 2011, winner of Best Fulldome Program at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival.



Exploding Universe

March 29 @ 6, 7, & 8 pm

March 30 @ 6, 7, & 8 pm

Tickets: Click Here

All Ages

Out of devastating events in the cosmos comes new creation. Explosive phenomena are responsible for the way we see the universe today, and not all of them happen on a grand scale.

When giant stars explode as “supernovas,” they seed the galaxies with heavy elements that make planets and life possible. Some collisions we’re only just now starting to understand. For example, when Black Holes collide, they can throw off some of the most energetic particles known, ripping and warping space as they go. But other “explosions” have profound effects as well, such as the beauty and power of super volcanoes which have contributed to the transformation of our world into the life bearing oasis we now enjoy. The smallest of explosions, such as the forced impact of high energy particles, can echo the foundational events of the early universe.

As the universe has transformed into the structure we live in now, even the most elementary particles have endured. This show follows the path of one of these “particles,” a proton, as it participates in nature’s astounding events of rebirth and renewal.



Led Zeppelin

April 25 @ 6, 7, & 8 pm

April 26 @ 6, 7, & 8 pm

April 27 @ 6, 7, & 8 pm

Tickets: Click Here

The ever popular classic sound of Led Zeppelin returns to the dome. These exciting updated visuals transport audiences with the feeling of motion and transcendence. Surreal original environments match well with the big hit classics from Zeppelin.









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