Second Year Fellows

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harper2011 Stephanie Harper
Undergraduate Degree: B.S. Biology, Albright College
Research Area: Stream Ecology
Thesis: Invertebrate and microbial influences on leaf breakdown in stream ecosystems
Partner School: Effingham High School
Partner Teacher: Yvonne Arnsdorff
Fellow Introduction
 JimmyMerrifield800 Jimmy Merrifield
Undergraduate Degree: BS Biology, Georgia Southern University
Research Area: Invasive Species
Thesis: Genetic variability within and along the periphery of range expansion of Megacopta cribraria
Partner School: Bradwell Institute
Partner Teacher: Donna Hanson
Fellow Introduction
 ashlynReid800 Ashlin Reid
Undergraduate Degree: B.S. Chemistry, Georgia Southern University
Research Area: Molecular Genetics
Thesis: Reconstructing Phylogenetic Relationships in the Palearctic D. marginatus group and Oriental Dermacentor Ticks
Partner School: South Effingham High School
Partner Teacher: Cynthia Dean
Fellow Introduction
 reigel Alicia Reigel
Undergraduate Degree: B.S. Environmental Policy, Management and Conservation, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Research Area: Marine Invertebrates
Thesis: The role of artificial structures in facilitating range expansion of the invasive barnacle, Megabalanus coccopoma, in the southeastern U.S.
Partner School: Effingham High School
Partner Teacher: Laura Ike
Fellow Introduction
 amandaReynolds800 Amanda Reynolds
Undergraduate Degree: B.S. Biology, Georgia Southern University
Research Area: Molecular Physiology
Thesis: Physiological Stress Response in Fish: From Hypoxic Stress in Tilapia and Striped Bass to Thermal Stress in Antarctic Icefish
Partner School: Portal Middle High School
Partner Teacher: Anne Newell
Fellow Introduction
 AlynciaRobinson800 Alyncia Robinson
Undergraduate Degree: B.S. Biology, Mercer University
Research Area: Cancer Cell Biology
Thesis: Localization of cancer therapy through the use of gold nanorods
Partner School: Claxon High School
Partner Teacher: Alicia Garcia
Fellow Introduction
 MichaelSabula800 Michael Sabula
Undergraduate Degree: B.S. Biology, Georgia Southern University
Research Area: Microbial Communities
Thesis: Molecular Methods for the comparison of Georgia agriculture soils
Partner School: Claxton High School
Partner Teacher: Lynne Burkhalter
Fellow Introduction
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