EUMC 2014

Eagle Undergraduate Mathematics Conference 2014
April 5, 2014

  • Student Talks
  • Team Problem Solving Contest
  • MAA State Luncheon and Speaker
  • Graduate Program Fair
  • Career Panel
  • Free T-shirt (for advance-registered registrant)

Conference Program


Plenary Talk: Knots vs. Graphs an Epic Tale of Survival (and a New Direction to the Tale) by Hugh Howards

A famous result of John Conway and Cameron Gordon shows that the complete graph on 6 vertices is “intrinsically linked” because it contains a link inside of it no matter how it is placed in space.  Their paper is extremely accessible and has been used in countless undergraduate research projects.  We review Conway and Gordon’s work as well as subsequent results and then put a new twist on the question asking if directed graphs are ever intrinsically linked.  Jointly with Joel Foisy and my student Natalie Rich we find both surprising positive and negative results.  No background in graph theory or knot theory is necessary to understand the talk.

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Problem Contest Solutions


Doug Morgan, Kaj Hansen, Kell Berliner from UGA (1st place)

Soowhan Yoon, James Warren from Mercer (2nd place)

Daniel West, Sharon Yao from UGA (3rd place)

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Dr. Jiehua Zhu ( and Dr. David Stone (

We look forward to welcoming you at Georgia Southern!

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