The department of Geology and Geography has access to 18 research lab facilities at Georgia Southern and at the Applied Coastal Research Laboratory at Skidaway Island, GA.  The laboratories include two hydrogeology and geochemistry labs; a suite of five paleontology/ paleobotany labs; two hardrock geology labs; three remote-sensing, GIS cartography and climatology labs; two structural geology/geomorphology and coastal landforms labs; three mineralogy and elemental analysis labs; four ecohydrology labs; and five marine science and geohydrology labs.

Research equipment residing in Department of Geology and Geography laboratories and at field sites includes the following: Astra 5 km distributed temperature sensing unit; SuperSting R8/IP Marine WiFi Resistivity/IP Meter;  EXO 1 Sonde; Radium Delayed Coincidence Counter (RaDeCC); Picarro L2130-i Cavity Ringdown Spectrometer; High Precision Vaporizer;  RAD-7 Radon in air detector; ACE system; Water Purification System; Soil Respiration chambers; Plant Canopy Analyzer; Geoexplorer Ground Penetrating Radar; Overhauser Gradiometer; remotely operated Z-Boat 1800; Trimble R8 Base Kit; Trimble R8 Rover Kit; LiDAR VZ1000 3D imaging sensor; WayCom digitizing monitors; 20’ Carolina skiff; Trimble R6 RTK system; Two high-resolution single beam echosounders; Edgetech 4600 bathymetric sonar system; Vibracore system; HYSP VNIR-1600Hyperspectral Camera with lenses filters and FOV Expander; Forward scattering spectrometer for obtained microphysical properties of cloud droplets; Tractor mounted Geo-Probe; Bruker Portable XRF Analyzer; and X-Ray Diffraction Unit.

Last updated: 11/30/2015

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