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Science and Math Graduate Programs

Earning a graduate degree from Georgia Southern’s College of Science and Mathematics is your next step to becoming an expert in your field. Whether you’re interested in academia or you’re heading toward a mathematician or scientist career, explore our top Georgia math and science master’s programs. Meet the expert faculty who are eager to work closely with you and choose your brightest future.


The Department of Biology offers the Master of Science degree in Biology (M.S. Biology).

Program Coordinator

Checo Colón-Gaud


The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers the Master of Science in Mathematics (M.S. Mathematics) with concentrations in: Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics, Statistics, and Computational Science (interdisciplinary).

Program Coordinator

Hua Wang

Master of Science in Applied Physical Science

Georgia Southern’s Master of Science in Applied Physical Science (MS-APS) is a terminal professional degree that prepares graduates for the workplace by giving them real-world experience in applying their knowledge of physical science to projects of interest to the business, government, and nonprofit sectors.

Program Coordinator

Michele McGibony

Last updated: 10/6/2016