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Mathematical Competition in Modeling (MCM) Spring 2012

The Department of Mathematical Sciences sponsored three teams in the 2012 Mathematical Competition in Modeling (MCM), which included nearly 3700 teams world-wide. This year’s teams were:

Team 1: Dongsub Lee, Tyler Stepanek, Katelyn Yeomans

Team 2: Katie Milhous, Jim Richardson, Will Trott

Team 3: Anthony Coggins, Rachel Smith, Tabitha Williford

The teams were able to select a problem from a list of three on February 9 and had until February 13 to write up their reports.  This year’s problems are posted at:

Teams 1 and 2 selected problem B and Team 3 selected problem A. The students worked diligently throughout the competition in meeting rooms assigned to each team in the Math-Physics Building.

This year’s results were outstanding.  Team 3 received designation of Meritorious Winner placing them in the upper 10% percent of all participating teams.  In fact, among teams from the U.S., Team 3 ranked third, which is a remarkable result.  The other two teams were also successful and received a designation of Honorable Mention placing them in the upper third of all participating teams.  Once again, Professor Goran Lesaja did an outstanding job as coordinator and coach for the competition.

The complete results for the competition can be seen at:




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