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Second Eagle Undergraduate Mathematics Conference (EUMC 2012)

The Department of Mathematical Sciences hosted the Second Eagle Undergraduate Mathematics Conference (EUMC 2012) on Saturday, March 31. Students and faculty from 16 colleges and universities from three states came for the day to give presentations, compete in a problem-solving competition, meet new people and enjoy special presentations by distinguished faculty.

The day began with a warm welcome from GSU Provost Ted Moore.  Six Georgia Southern University students were among the 20 who presented their work at the day-long conference.  These included Katie Milhous, Martin Hall, Will Trott, Rachel Smith, Tabitha Williford and Anthony Coggins.  Two teams of Georgia Southern students participated in the Problem-Solving Competition, Team 1 (Will Trott, Tabitha Williford, Anthony Coggins) and Team 2 (Katelyn Yeomans, Anna Yeboah, Rachel Smith).  Coincidentally, the two GSU teams tied for Third Place behind the First-Place Team from Georgia Tech and the Second-Place Team from Clayton State University.   Each team received a trophy to display in their home department and individual prizes of Sudoku and Ken-Ken books provided by the W.H. Freeman Publishing Company.  The morning program was completed with the presentation, The Most Interesting Numbers and Neatest Problems, by David Stone, Professor Emeritus, Georgia Southern University.

The conference was also linked with the State Meeting/Luncheon of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA), which was sponsored by the Southeastern Section of the MAA.  The speaker for the state meeting was Ron Gould, Goodrich C. White Professor, Emory University.  Professor Gould is a past recipient of the Southeastern Section Teaching Award as well as a past Section Lecturer.  He delivered the address, Rating Player Performance – The Old Argument of Who is Best.

Conference participants received a variety of mathematical goodies provided by Pearson Publishing, including post-its, mechanical pencils, graphing paper notebooks and magnets.  In addition, they received a t-shirt designed by mathematics majors Leah Justin and Tabitha Williford.  Funding for the conference was earned through a successful grant proposal to the National Science Foundation/MAA Regional Mathematics Conferences program.  Jiehua Zhu and Hua Wang served as Director and Co-Director, respectively, with organizing committee members Colton Magnant, Zhuojun Magnant, Pat Humphrey, David Stone and Martha Abell.




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