Fall 2017 Seminar Series

The Department of Biology at Georgia Southern University invites you to attend our Seminar Series. Seminars will be held at 11:15 a.m. in Biological Sciences Room 1109, unless indicated otherwise.

21 Dr. Stephen M. Secor
The University of Alabama
Evolutionary and integrative mechanisms of organ plasticity Christian L. Cox
28 Dr. Joe Figel
Georgia Southern University
An evaluation of jaguar (Panthera onca) as an umbrella species for endemic herpetofauna in nuclear Central America
4 Labor Day- no seminar
11 Dr. Dmitry Apanaskevich
rescheduled rescheduled
18 Dr. Lee Smee
Texas A and M Corpus Christi
Pearls of wisdom from a decade of oyster research John Carroll
20 (Wednesday) Dr. Dmitry Apanaskevich
Georgia Southern University
Taxonomy of ticks: from Panama to Papua Steve Vives
25 Dr. Fred Rich
Georgia Southern Department of Geology and Geography
TBA John Schenk
2 Dr. Bridget Cotti-Rausch
South Carolina Sea Grant
It’s a small world after all: what I’ve learned in a decade as a phytoplankton ecologist Liz Sargent
9 Dr. James Estrada
University of Florida
Mechanisms underlying cogongrass (Imperata cylindrica) invasions Kerrie Sendall
16 Dr. Joe Mendelsohn
Zoo Atlanta, Georgia Tech
Snakes, Sand & Robots: A Model System of Reciprocal Illumination Christian L. Cox
23 Dr. Lisa Hoopes
Georgia Aquarium
Nutrition and feeding ecology of spotted eagle rays: Integrating field research to benefit aquaria managed specimens Christine Bedore
27 (Friday) Mr. Chase Kinsey
Georgia Southern University
Exit Seminar Lance McBrayer
27 (Friday) (11:45) Mr. Alex Will
Georgia Southern University
Exit Seminar David Rostal
30 Dr. Liz Sargent
Georgia Southern University
When 1+1 doesn’t equal 2: evidence for polyploidy in Trichodesmium and implications for marine carbon and nitrogen cycling. Kerrie Sendall
3 (Friday) Mr. John David Curlis
Georgia Southern University
Exit Seminar Christian Cox
6 Dr. Beth Middleton
United States Geological Survey
Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecture: Climate Change and Wetlands Dan Hagan
10 (Friday) Mr. Alex Wendt
Georgia Southern University
Exit Seminar Checo Colon-Gaud
13 Dr. Wu-Min Deng
Florida State University
Tumorigenesis in tumor hotspots in Drosophila models Dongyu Jia
20 Thanksgiving Holiday- no seminar
27 Undergraduate Research Seminar Subhrajit Saha

For more information, contact Jamie Roberts.

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