Statesboro Campus

Dmitry Apanaskevich (PhD, Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, 2004)
Systematics of ticks

Craig Aumack (PhD, University of Alabama at Birmingham, 2010)
Phycology; Chemical Ecology; Sea Ice; Polar Communities

Lorenza Beati (PhD, Université de Lausanne, 1987)
Systematics and molecular evolution of arthropods involved in disease transmission

Christine Bedore (PhD, Florida Atlantic University, 2013)
Sensory ecology; elasmobranchs; cephalopods; vision; electroreception

G. Denise Carroll (PhD, University of Georgia, 2009)
Impacts of land use on aquatic ecosystems; science education

John Carroll (PhD, Stony Brook University, 2012)
Benthic ecology; shellfish restoration and restoration ecology; trophic interactions; invasive species

Michelle Cawthorn (PhD, Bowling Green State University, 1989)
Biology education; population and community ecology of small mammals

C. Ray Chandler (PhD, Bowling Green State University, 1989)
Ecology; behavior; conservation of birds and other terrestrial vertebrates

Wasimul Chowdhury (PhD, Osaka University, 1996)
Biosynthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) biodegradable polymers

Risa Cohen (PhD, University of California, 2003)
Wetland and coastal ecology; restoration and conservation of aquatic communities

J. Checo Colon-Gaud (PhD, Southern Illinois University, 2008)
Freshwater ecology; particularly food web dynamics

Christian Cox (PhD, University of Texas-Arlington, 2012)
Comparative physiology; physiological ecology; evolutionary biology; population genetics; phylogenetics and phylogeography

Christopher Cutler (PhD, University of St. Andrews, 1990)
Molecular physiology; ion; water transport; osmoregulation in fish

Andrew Diamanduros (MPH, Columbia University, 1991)

Lance Durden (PhD, University of London, 1981)
Systematics and ecology of ectoparasites of vertebrates; vector-borne diseases

Quentin Fang (PhD, Kansas State University, 1993)
Evolutionary genetics; tick molecular biology; phylogenetic analysis

Joe Figel (PhD, University of Central Florida, 2017)
Wildlife biology; tropical ecology; agroecology

Sophie George (PhD, University of Paris, 1990)
Marine invertebrate ecology; ecology of echinoderms

Joshua Gibson (PhD, Arizona State University, 2013)
Evolutionary genomics of insects; energy metabolism in hybrids; speciation genetics

Daniel Gleason (PhD, University of Houston, 1992)
Marine invertebrate ecology and physiology; coral reef ecology

Stephen Greiman (PhD, University of North Dakota, 2015)
Parasitology; parasitic flatworm taxonomy and systematics; bacterial symbiont diversity; evolution and transmission biology; microbiomes

J. Scott Harrison (PhD, Texas A&M University, 2001)
Ecological and evolutionary genetics of marine invertebrates; speciation and the genetic basis of reduced fitness in hybrids

Alan Harvey (PhD, University of Arizona, 1988)
Evolution; ecology; behavior of diverse systems such as plant-arthropod protective mutualisms; larval tiger beetles; hermit crabs

William Irby (PhD, North Carolina State University, 1987)
Arthropod vector-host-pathogen interactions; blood digestion in mosquitos

Dongyu Jia (PhD, Florida State University, 2015)
Developmental biology; cellular and molecular biology; cancer biology; signaling pathway; fruit fly; disease models

Emily Kane (PhD, University of California, Riverside, 2014)
Biomechanics; complex phenotypes; ecology and evolution

Lissa Leege (PhD, Michigan State University, 1997)
Plant population and community ecology; rare plant and invasion ecology; plant-herbivore interactions

Johanne Lewis (PhD, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 2008)
Comparative physiology; physiological adaptations to extreme or fluctuating environments

Loren Mathews (PhD, University of Florida, 2013)
Aquatic ecology; water quality; phytoplankton community dynamics

Lance McBrayer (PhD, Ohio University, 2002)
Functional morphology; behavioral ecology; evolution of amphibians and reptiles

Edward Mondor (PhD, Simon Fraser University, 2001)
Insect behavior; ecology; evolution in response to novel abiotic and biotic conditions

Christina Ndaluka (PhD, Colorado State University, 2011)
Zoonotic diseases

Laura Regassa (PhD, University of Wisconsin, 1993)
Bacteriology and molecular biology; molecular mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis; molecular systematics; biology education research

James Roberts (PhD, Virginia Tech, 2012)
Freshwater fish ecology and conservation; vertebrate population dynamics; landscape genetics; fisheries science; conservation planning

David Rostal (PhD, Texas A&M University, 1991)
Reproductive biology; ecology; conservation of reptiles and amphibians

Subhrajit Saha (PhD, University of Florida, 2008)
Agroecology; agroforestry; international agriculture

Elizabeth Sargent (PhD, University of Southampton, National Oceanography Centre, 2014)
Biogeochemistry; phytoplankton ecophysiology; algal ecology

John Schenk (PhD, Washington State University, 2009)
Plant systematics

Kerrie Sendall (PhD, University of Minnesota / Macquarie University, 2012)
Forest ecology; plant ecophysiology

Vinoth Sittaramane (PhD, University Missouri Columbia, 2008)
Developmental neurobiology; neuronal migration; unconventional myosins; environmental and developmental toxicology using zebrafish

Lauren Stefaniak (PhD, University of Connecticut, 2012)
Benthic invertebrate ecology; reef ecology and biology; invasive species biology; ascidian taxonomy; molecular taxonomy

Lace Svec (PhD, Michigan State University, 2009)
Behavioral neurobiology; neuroendocrinology in zebra finches

Stephen Vives (PhD, University of Wisconsin, 1988)
Behavior; ecology; conservation of fishes

Tiehang Wu (PhD, Pennsylvania State University, 2002)
Molecular microbial ecology; soil ecology; mycorrhizas

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