Biology Professor Invited to United Nations Meeting in Rome

Dr. Subhrajit Saha

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nation (UN) hosted the International Symposium on Agroecology for Food Security and Nutrition last week (September 18 – 19) at its headquarter in Rome, Italy.  At this meeting, over 50 experts including academic professors, government officials, private sector, researcher and leaders of civil-society organizations made presentations from different corners of the globe. Dr. Subhrajit Saha of the Biology Department was invited to this meeting to present his agroecological research at the global platform of FAO. The high-level round-table discussion panel of this meeting included the agricultural ministers of France, Japan, Senegal, Algeria, Costa Rica, and the Director-General of FAO. With the threat of global warming, agroecology is being recognized more and more as a climate-smart way of agriculture and is also being highlighted at the UN Climate Summit this week in New York. Dr. Saha’s agroecology research is focused on climate change mitigation through carbon sequestration, agroforestry, organic farming and bioenergy production and apart from Georgia; he has research projects in Germany, Mexico and India. Dr. Saha’s participation at this meeting has not only represented his research at a United Nations platform, but, also exposed Georgia Southern’s agricultural research initiatives to a global community of researchers, officials, policymakers and international agencies & organizations.


Math Faculty Launch Open Source Journal: TAG

Two faculty members in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Dr. Colton Magnant and Dr. Hua Wang, have launched a new open source journal called Theory and Application of Graphs (TAG). TAG is a fully-refereed, entirely online, open-access, completely free journal supported by Georgia Southern University through Digital Commons. TAG publishes high level research articles in Graph Theory and related areas. Please see the website: for more information.

Please consider submitting works for publication in TAG. Also, please contact the editors with proposals for special issues, surveys, or dynamic surveys. Detailed submission information can be found at the website.



Molecular Biology Initiative Named a STEM Education Awards Finalist

Congratulations to Biology Professor Dr. Laura Regassa (STEMstars Program Director) and Janee Cardell (STEMstars Program Coordinator) for their hard work on the Molecular Biology Initiative Program as it has been named, for the second year in a row, a finalist in the Post-secondary Outreach category for the 2014 Georgia STEM Education Awards presented by the Technology Association of Georgia.

Read the Press Release Below:

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Georgia Southern University and the Phinizy Center Talk Ogeechee River Project

Jeff Ogeechee

Dr. Jeffrey Underwood, professor and chair of the Department of Geology and Geography discusses the four initiatives his department will focus on: analyzing the biogeochemical environment in the forested flood plain of the river, assessing the subsurface hydro-geochemical properties of water, investigating local meteorology and creating a spatial analysis data base.

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Georgia Southern University hosted the first of four Ogeechee River Research public information sessions on Tuesday, Aug. 26 at the Performing Arts Center, to discuss a two years and a half  Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) titled “Assessment of Hydrological, Biological and Environmental Components of the Lower Ogeechee River Ecosystem.”

The project is an opportunity for the University and the Phinizy Center for Water Sciences to conduct basic research designed to ensure a long-term and holistic approach for research on the river.

“Georgia Southern University is an emerging research university,” said Charles Patterson, vice president  for Research and Economic Development. “The spectrum of research that happens on campus is vast and the University has spent decades building facilities that will be a part of this research.”

Georgia Southern’s Department of Geology and Geography will study atmospheric and terrestrial processes in the watershed while the Department of Biology, in conjunction with the Phinizy Center for Water Sciences, will focus on the in-stream processes of the Ogeechee River.

Faculty, graduate and undergraduate students will contribute to the project.

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COSM Graduate Student Presents Research at the 247th National ACS Meeting

James at conferenceW. James Morgan, a second year student in the MS in Applied Physical Science program, recently presented his research entitled “Quartic Force Fields for Electronically Excited States:  Applications to the Isoformyl Radical” under the direction of Dr. Ryan Fortenberry at the 247th National ACS Meeting in Dallas, TX in the symposium “Chemistry in the Interstellar Medium–New Frontiers in the Laboratory, Theory, and Observations”.